Frequently Asked Questions


How is your Activated Charcoal different from others?

Activated Charcoal can be derived from coconut, bamboo, peat, wood, etc. Coconut shell based Activated Charcoal is known to have the highest adsorbing capacity. The activation process itself can be done either chemically or by using steam. CARBON BAE beauty & wellness products are manufactured using only coconut shell steam activated charcoal infused with pure ayurvedic herbal ingreidents for enhanced benefits. To know more about activated charcoal please go to the Educate Me page.  

Do you have any quality standards for your Herbal Ingredients & Activated Charcoal?

Most of the herbal ingredients (Ayurveda) used in our products are seasonal and sourced from the pristine forests of the Western Ghats. They are then purified and processed at various stages to enhance their natural efficiency.

NSF, EU, JIS, AWWA, AARL, IS and ASTM are some of the standards we adhere to for coconut shell steam activated charcoal.

CARBON BAE products are ayurvedic and manufactured as per GMP standards. We believe meticulous commitment to quality is the best way to acquire and retain customers. Our products go through stringent quality checks at every stage. A compact but highly capable team of ayurvedic doctors at vaidyasala and R&D team are engaged in continuous research to ensure the products that reach you are the best in their class.

How effective is your product?

Our products are made for all skin types for both men and women. Results may very from person to person. Please read the full Disclaimer in the footer section of the Home page.

Do you offer gift wrap?

We do not currently offer gift wrap.

Are you coming out with different products soon?

CARBON BAE will introduce new beauty care products very soon. To stay informed about new product releases, please subscribe to our Newsletter.

How long will it take for my package to arrive?

Orders will typically be shipped within two business days. However, on rare occasions when the courier service experiences delays, delivery may be delayed to that extent. We provide free shipping all over UAE. Arrives within 5-7 business days.

Do you include messages in packages?

We are happy to include simple personal messages with orders.

How do I know that my personal and payment information is secure?

www.carbonbae.com is a secure website with valid SSL Certificate and McAfee protection + Norton Security. Transaction processing is performed through a secure server using state-of-the-art end to end encryption, powered by PayUmoney. All your transactions are secured with 128 bit SSL encryption and two factor authentication. CARBON BAE is committed to not publishing, selling, or distributing customers' sensitive personal information to any third party.

What is your policy on returns?

We are committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction, and offer an excellent Return and Exchange Policy. Please see our Return Policy for more information.

Will you send spam emails or sell my information?

CARBON BAE commits to not publishing, selling, or distributing customers' sensitive personal information to any third party. Customers registered on CARBON BAE’s email list, will receive periodic sales coupons and information about upcoming products, events, news etc.

I forgot to enter my coupon code when I bought my product. Can I still use it?

Unfortunately, CARBON BAE can only accept coupon codes during the purchase process. Coupon codes cannot be applied to orders retrospectively. However, you can use the coupon code with your next order, provided the validity period of the coupon has not expired.

How can I get customer care or support or clarify my doubts?

You can have live chat with us or contact our 24 x 7 customer service. Please see the Support page.