All CARBON BAE ® products are pure ayurvedic manufactured here in Kerala and contains seasonal forest ingredients sourced from western ghats.

Infused with 100% Coconut Shell Steam Activated Charcoal

Made in Land of Coconut Trees, Kerala, India

Halal Certified - Food grade Activated Charcoal

100% Natural & Eco Charcoal

No animal test performed during any stages of production or operation

What is activated charcoal ?

Activated charcoal is the by-product of slow-burnt bamboo, peat or coconut shell pulverized into a fine black powder form. The activation process can be done either chemically or through the use of steam.

At CARBON BAE we use steam activated coconut shell as our base ingredient, making for natural, safe and eco-friendly herbal end products. Coconut Shell based Activated Charcoal are the best and powerful known Activated Charcoal because of its very high Surface area and adsorption capacity. Steam activation also helps to retain the intrinsic quality of charcoal, giving you greater benefits than chemically activated charcoal.

How does activated charcoal work ?

Activated charcoal traps toxins and impurities in its millions of tiny pores through a process called adsorption. The surface area of activated charcoal is positively charged and attracts negative elements such as dirt, impurities, toxins and chemicals.

Steam activated coconut shell charcoal contained in CARBON BAE products helps in detoxifying through this process of adsorption. Other natural ayurvedic herbal ingredients  added to the product mix enhance the benefits of CARBON BAE products.

The uses and benefits of activated charcoal are so numerous starting from purification & filtration of air, water and diverse that it is axiomatic, one cannot live a day without directly using or being intimately impacted by multiple activated charcoal products or applications

Here are some of the benefits of using steam activated coconut shell charcoal :

  • Whitens teeth
  • Removes bad breath
  • Exfoliates the skin naturally
  • Unclogs skin pores and deep cleanses the skin
  • Clears blemishes
  • Removes acne and pimples
  • Removes blackheads
  • Removes odour
  • Helps in body detox
  • Delays the aging process naturally and provides youthful looking skin
  • Removes dirt, pollutants, impurities, toxins etc. from deep skin pores
  • Suitable for all type of skin both Women & Men
  • 100% natural & Coconut Shell